Announcing Sabayon Frozen 10 repository

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Sabayon Frozen repository is now a reality.

This repository is basically a snapshot of the status of the Sabayon Official Repository at the release day of a stable version. This means that by pointing to Sabayon Frozen N you will get Sabayon Linux with the packages, the updates, the bugs Sabayon had when Sabayon N was released.

Possible usages:
* Frozen systems: if you are happy with the system as it is when installed, and you don't plan to upgrade anything but you still want to be free to install and remove programs, Frozen is the repo you need.
* Release-date upgrades: by switching to the new Sabayon Frozen the day a new Sabayon Linux is released, the user will get a Sabayon which does not upgrade gradually each week, but rather each three / four months.
* Regression-proof system: some bug unfortunately hit the weekly repo and you must fix it immediately because you need to work (who experienced problems with Sabayon and the Radeon HD4xxx series?)? Do a violent roll back to the release day status!

There will be no backports, no patches, and security holes will stay there forever (yay!). The "service" comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind :)

The server is very weak (P4 2.4GHz, 512MB, 10Mbit full duplex, Sabayon ServerBase x86), however I expect very limited traffic because:

1) Most Sabayon users like being rolling
2) Who uses the frozen repo does not need to download updates, just new software
That's why I expect the machine will be more than enough.

I'm not sure how many releases I will be able to keep, but hopefully at least the latest 10-12, which means more or less support for three years or more.

How to install Sabayon Frozen 10: copy this file into /etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/ (yes, you need root privileges). After that, you can disable or enable Sabayon Frozen directly from Rigo or in the way you prefer. Please note that if you enable Sabayon Frozen but keep enabled also other repositories with more up-to-date software, Entropy will (correctly) continue proposing updates.

The server is located in Cesena, within APICe Lab. I'd like to publicly thank Mirko Viroli and Nazzareno Pompei for their support to every evil geeky idea I have!