Genesis of Nirvana, a Sabayon Linux Community Repository (and its Gentoo overlay)

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Maintaining the Sabayon's for-gentoo overlay is a tough task. The ebuilds in it must be of high quality, since the team is small and the maintaining cost for low quality ebuilds is very high. Because of that, it can often happen that some packages do not get added, or that the process of refining the ebuild properly takes a long time, and as final consequence the presence of the package in te official repository is delayed or may not even happen.

To circumvent this issue, I decided to create a new community repository containing those packages that are built upon low quality ebuilds, but that in the end... work. For most users, that is what really matters, isn't it? Since the Hell and the Limbo were already taken as antechamber of the main repository, I've decided to name this repo Nirvana.

I started by creating a new overlay, to collect such ebuilds. You can find it on Bitbucket, and it is obviously available for all the Gentoo users around. At the time I am writing, it includes dev-cpp/ETL-0.04.16, media-gfx/fbgrab-1.1, media-gfx/luxblend25-1.3_rc1, media-gfx/synfig-0.64.0, media-libs/luxrays-1.3_rc1, media-libs/slg-1.3_rc1.

After that, I created a new repository with eit, the server side Entropy component Fabio Erculiani wrote. Besides a little bug and some refinement maybe needed, the whole process was incredibly easy and smooth. I set up the repo, compiled the package in Nirvana overlay, added them to the Nirvana Repository, committed them and then pushed online. Yes, is that amazingly easy.

If you want to check out the Nirvana Community Repository, just put this file in your /etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/ folder.