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My personal cloud

I got a few requests to describe my personal cloud system.

I decided to build something more serius than an external hard drive for two reasons: comfort in data access and safety of my data. Too many times, in fact, I had to struggle with external hard drives, plug and unplug them here and there and continously making sure that there was no inconsistency between the various place where I work. Too many times I had to waste time trying to recover as much data as possible from a broken disk.


Some more complicated puzzle
First puzzle
The map
Gun at work!
One of the panels

I just finished playing Antichamber, and I decided this world have not enough review of this game yet, not on Linux at least. Plot The game has no plot, it's something that I would define an introspective journey. When the game starts, you see no introduction, you just spawn in a black and white room with four walls. One of the walls is the settings menu, then here is a a black wall, another wall with a strange symbol, that will become a map in future and another transparent wall behind what there is an "exit" door.

Gli unici che non dovrebbero voler la legalizzazione della marijuana sono gli assuefatti.

Di recente ho saputo che esiste un'iniziativa europea riguardante la legalizzazione della cannabis: "Weed like to talk", codice ECI(2013)000008. Si tratta dell'equivalente europeo di una "legge di iniziativa popolare". Essendo l'Europa uscita dal Medioevo Telematico che affligge l'Italia, dove persino degli incompetenti come Casaleggio possono definirsi guru, è possibile firmare online.